How much does it cost?  It is currently FREE to post, bid and receive proposals on solar energy projects!

How do I get started? Simply Register to create a FREE account and fill out your profile information. From here, if you are looking to get installation bids, simply click Post New and fill out the short form. If your’re an installer and looking to bid on a project, simply use the Search tools to find projects in your area and place a bid. You can also sign up for email alerts for new projects in the My Profile section.

What kind of solar energy projects can I post? The project must be for a solar electric energy system. You must own the site location or have authorization on behalf of the site owner/manager to receive quotes and have a solar energy system installed upon the said location.

What if my map location is inaccurate? We recommend you add the Longitude / Latitude coordinates in the project details area. To obtain this info, simply go to Google Maps and type in your address. Then place your pointer over the desired location and click on it. Under where your address is displayed in the top left will appear the exact coordinates of where you clicked. Copy and past these into the details area of your project. If you project is already posted, you can go into your account and click on edit project.

Does PV Project verify all of the solar installers? We encourage all solar installers in our database to keep their profile complete and up to date with their credentials. But, we do not regulate or review the individual solar installers within our database. Therefore it is highly recommended before choosing to work with any installer, to review the installer’s credentials, references and reviews. If you are not knowledgeable about the licensing requirements in your state we suggest going to the IREC Solar Licensing Database to check your state requirements.

How do I know that I will receive a proposal? PV Project has an ever growing database of solar installers on our platform. But, we also have an external database made up of over 2,000+ solar installers. So when you post a project for bid, the installers on our platform immediately get an email alert of your project and within 3 business days we also send out an email blast to our external installer database to invite them to participate in bidding on your project. This greatly increases your chances of getting a proposal and giving all the installers in the area a chance to participate in creating a proposal for your project.

What if I decide not to move forward? Then simply do not select a winner and your project time will run out. There is no obligation to choose a winner.

Please review our Terms & Conditions for more detail.